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I'd love to hear your comments and see your photos of you enjoying your desserts!  Please email me at or find me on Facebook!  

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I learned of a ministry in Wisconsin for struggling young men and decided they needed a care package with something homemade. Nothing better than chewy ginger snaps to encourage the heart!

"My students and I were overjoyed not only by the fact that Megan wanted to send us cookies, but also that they were so delicious. Teenage boys can be quite picky eaters; pleasing eight at once is a baking miracle!"  ~ Aaron Brewster

"Megan, I can't wait till you are up and running, because I will be first to order your Strawberry Macarons and Coffee and Caramel Macarons. I had never tried these before and now I cannot imagine eating anyone else's because when you have had the best, nothing less will do."  ~ Terri S.

"The cheesecake you made us was truly the best gluten free White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake I have ever tasted!" ~ Diane G.

"The coffee flavored macarons from Dessert 1st are to die for."


"The Peanut Butter Carumba Bars are my personal favorite. They are the perfect consistency of cookie, caramel, peanut butter and chocolate. I literally cut them in squares and freeze them individually so I cannot eat more than what I can handle at one time. They are THAT good." ~ Robyn D.

"I have had a pecan pie from Dessert 1st and it was delicious." ~ Handyman Hill (

"Megan’s meringues are THE BEST and she’ll make practically any flavor you can imagine. Coffee meringue is my personal favorite, especially when they’re chocolate dipped. I also got a cheesecake which I took to share with my coworkers. Everyone loved it! My favorite part about her cheesecakes is that they come in three different sizes so you don’t have to commit to a single slice or an entire cake."     ~ Abby B.

"Megan's cookies are the best around! I'll never forget the molten chocolate lava cookie I bought when she was raising money for her sister's adoption. I've tried many of her creations and every single one is simply delicious.  Baked with love and perfection!"   ~ Andrew S.

"I like all the cheesecake flavors from Dessert 1st. Personal sized ones are great for birthday gifts." ~ Patty H.

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