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Baking has been in my genes for generations!  My older brother perfected our family's chocolate chip cookie recipe and, as kids, the rest of us helped him sell them in front of our small town's local pharmacy.  Little did I realize at the time how instrumental those summers would be to my future!  Twenty years after baking for my coworkers, I have decided to pursue my dream of providing the best tasting, hand crafted desserts, made from the heart and delivered...

                                                          ...from my table to yours! 

Born in the early 1900s, my Aunt Weezie (Louise Parker Lough) introduced her family to these "Wheaties Cookies."  Fortunately, the recipe was passed down for generations, for which I am thankful because they are my favorite cookie!  Well... maybe tied with Aunt P's ginger snaps.

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Article of Chad Frye baking cookies, The

With credits on projects done for Disney Feature Animation, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon, my big brother's humble beginnings began with articles such as this one in our local paper, The Eagle, circa 1986.  Most weekends in the summer, our house smelled like chocolate chip cookies as we baked and sold hundreds of these one-of-a-kind cookie to everyone in town!  Check out Chad's website to see what's keeping him busy THESE days:

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